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You've decided to host a podcast...

You came up with content for your podcast...

You recorded
an episode(s)
for your podcast...

But now what?

That's what I'm here for...

Hi, I'm Marissa.

I am a podcast manager who helps purpose driven podcasters BREAK FREE from the mental stress and clutter in order to increase their community and revenue.

Hosting a podcast for your business is fun and beneficial in so many ways:

  • Your business gets more exposure

  • An audience will develop, which will become a community for your business

  • It's an additional opportunity for you to talk about and do what you love

  • It's a free resource for your current & future audience

  • Your business will grow

  • It's a great opportunity for you to network with other business owners by having guests on your show and being a guest on other podcast shows


Even though all these benefits are wonderful, you find yourself weighed down by all that is demanded of you when you host a podcast:

  • Podcast editing

  • Uploading your podcast to your launch platform

  • Guest management

  • Marketing your podcast (scheduling social media posts, email marketing, audiograms)

  • Creating podcast artwork & graphics

That is A LOT of extra work that you may not enjoy or have time for, and that's where I fit in! I can remove ALL of these tasks for you!

Stephanie Fuccio, Podcast Editor & Consultant

"Marissa is a true professional. She edited for Global Podcast Editors and it was such a huge help. She's meticulous, has a great ear for the emotional side of editing audio and delivered the final audio well before the deadline. Entrusting your podcast is a tricky task indeed, but with Marissa, you'll be in very good hands!"