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Having a podcast allows you to...

stop stressing about the algorithm & take control of your content

save time & repurpose your valuable content

create more impact & income

use your voice to gain more visibility

I can help...


Hi, I'm Marissa.

I am a Podcast Launch Expert who helps purpose driven entrepreneurs share their unique message, increase visibility, and create more community and revenue. 

Benefits of having your own podcast:

  • Your business gains more visibility

  • You build the know, like & trust factor by deeply connecting with your audience

  • You create a community of loyal listeners & fans

  • It's another place to showcase your services, products & offers

  • It's a timeless resource for your current audience & future listeners

  • Your business will grow in an organic way

  • The opportunity for collaborations is endless


Holly Doll, Host of the Global Top 10% Podcast: Bombshell CEO

When I first reached out to Marissa, I was stressed and overwhelmed. I had an idea for my podcast and I thought I could launch on my own but I quickly realized it was a lot of work and I didn't know so much of what actually had to be done. It was clear I needed an expert! I could not have successfully launched my podcast without Marissa. She kept me on track and her attention to detail is incredible. She was amazing and held my hand the whole way through and was a huge emotional support as launching a podcast is a very personal project. I am so grateful that she was part of me sharing my voice and my message to the world.

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